The lost brother

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and other tales

Have you ever heard of the Land of Many Tracks where people live in railway carriages instead of houses and where they are always hooking up their carriages to this or that engine, for they have forgotten that they themselves have an engine?
If only they could find it and follow the golden track! And what is it like living in a zeppelin; one of those funny-shaped air-balloons that float high in the sky? Or have you ever wished you were a knight with a sword and shield, but no, there is no point in pursuing that dream, is there? Will prince Felix ever find his best friend and who will become King if he does? Where did the mysterious horse come from the desert children discover high up on the rock one morning? And what about the curious book in the castle library? And what exactly is a pebbleman?
The children in these tales become increasingly more aware of their small world and take responsible action! Join in their wonderful adventures as they give hope and warm the heart!

Stories for children aged 5-9

Stories from the youth work of
the School of the Golden Rosycross
Lectorium Rosicrucianum

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Year of Publication 2020
Number of Pages 104
Publisher Rozekruis Pers
Language English
Cover Hardback
E-Book Available No
Available in Other Languages No
ISBN 9789067324885