Praeternaturali Triusque Mundi Historia - postcard

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Postcard - Robert Fludd, Praeternaturali Triusque Mundi Historia


Size: 105 x 148 mm.
On the flipside of the card there is an explanation about the image.
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The head of this young man is in fact a diagram of the human mind. Not only does it indicate the seats of the five senses – Tactus, touch (index finger); Gustus, taste (mouth); Odoratus, smelling (nose), Visus, sight (eye) and Auditus, hearing (ear), but also the way through which God can communicate with man and vice versa. This can be achieved using the faculties of reason (Ratio), intellect (Intellectus) and mind (Mens). Above these three faculties we see a ‘communication channel’ that allows man to access the world of God and the angels. The physician, scientist and Rosicrucian advocate Robert Fludd (1574-1637) .

Illustration from: Utriusque Cosmi, Maioris scilicet et Minoris, metaphysica, physica, atque technica Historia. 17th century
Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Collection | Embassy of the Free Mind, Amsterdam