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Notebook – 'The Natural Man' by J.G. Gichtel


Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Binding: stitched
Inner pages: ruled (verso blank)
On the inside this notebook contains an explanation of the cover image
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Cover Illustration

J.G. Gichtel, Eine kurtze Eroeffnung und Anweisung der dreyen Principien, 1723

This engraving may look familiar to anyone who has ever seen medieval representations of the human anatomy that show the seven planets ruling over the organs. In this print, however, the planets are not associated with organs, but with emotions such as ‘anger’ (Zorn), ‘arrogance’ (Hofart) and ‘jealousy’ (Neid). This engraving is in fact mainly concerned with the ‘inner man’, and in a way recalls the chakras of Indian religion. The word chakra originally meant ‘circle’ or ‘wheel’, and the emotions likewise seen to spiral down in this image. The engraving, however, derives from the work of a western esotericist, Johann Georg Gichtel (1638-1710), a follower of Jacob Böhme who had found refuge in the Dutch Republic.

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