Focus on Creation

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Focus on Creation

Compiled by: José Bouman, Theodor Harmsen, Cis van Heertum, Marieke Meijers


How did the world begin? Creation stories from around the world testify to the enduring interest in the world’s beginnings, the origin of humanity and our place in the scheme of things. From the state of great confusion on earth before God created light in the Hebrew Bible to Plato’s description of the world as the product of a divine craftsman in Plato’s Timaeus, the exhibition held in 2002 focused on the Platonic, Judaeo-Christian and Hermetic creation stories in 45 manuscripts and printed works from the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica collection. The accompanying guide provides brief descriptions of the items on display.

Keywords: Creation myths, Platonism, Hermetism, Gnosis.


Year of Publication: 2001

Number of pages: 31

Publisher: in de pelikaan

Language: English

Cover: Softcover

E-book available: No

Available in other languages: Dutch