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We won’t claim face coverings are fun to wear, but at least you can cover your face in style with these exclusive and original designs! We offer you face masks featuring Sophia from an 18th-century manuscript of Die Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer; our very own Hermes Trismegistus from Michael Maier’s famous Atalanta fugiens (1619) and an intriguing image of a Rebis. All three images are taken from our rare book collection. Wisdom, the Hermetic sage or the Philosopher’s Stone, the choice is yours! Your purchase supports the work of the Embassy of the Free Mind.

About the image

The figure of King Arthur was created by Geoffrey of Monmouth around 1135, who drew on a wealth of Celtic myths to depict a king who was not only a brave warlord, but also a wise and peace-loving ruler. King Arthur was to have lived in 6th-century Britain, when the Roman armies had withdrawn and the Angles and Saxons invaded the country. Famous for his round table, which allowed noblemen and knights to gather on an equal footing, he emerges as a king able to reconcile the warring tribes of Britain.
This image is a detail from the artwork ‘The Grail of Amsterdam’, which was commissioned
by Joost and Rachel Ritman and created by the lacquer miniaturist Oleg An, who worked on it from 1996-2006. 

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, from ‘The Grail of Amsterdam’, 2006.
Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Collection | Embassy of the Free Mind, Amsterdam

This face mask is in line with Directive 2001/95/EG as well as with Directive EN13274-7 for aerosol filtration and ISO9237-1995 for air permeability and community face masks CWA 17553: 2020. Category II. Filtration performance ≥ 70%. This is a non-medical face mask. 
Each mask is individually wrapped in plastic. 
Material: 80% polyester + 20% cotton (top & bottom layer)