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DVD – Reis naar het onverwachte (German, Dutch subtitles)

Man’s path in life – a journey into the unexpected? How to find meaning and direction, how to find an inner compass? It has become clear to us in our times that faith in science and technology alone is not sufficient.

Four hundred years ago (1614) a small work appeared called Fama Fraternitatis, composed by a circle of learned friends in Tübingen which included Tobias Hess, Johann Valentin Andreae and others. This book provoked a storm of controversy throughout Europe but also found many enthusiastic supporters. It appeared at a time when the world of science began to struggle free from the yoke of religion. The Fama Fraternitatis describes the journey of a man (Christian Rosenkreuz) attempting to achievea synthesis between knowledge, faith and artistic expression – only to reach into his inner self.

Reinhard Eichelbeck and Wolfgang Jung examine the meaning, background and influenceof this enigmatic work and turn to artists, scientists and spiritual seekers who speak of inspiration, daring, creativity and inner quiet. As such this film hopes to contribute to the modern debate on perspective of the future.

This film opens in the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Amsterdam and benefited from the expertise of library director Esther Ritman and library founder Joost Ritman, who were asked to join the advisory committee.


Unfortunately this film is momentarily old out. The German DVD is still available. 


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