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Ad Fontes
A new Message of the most laudable Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross

Author: Peter Huijs

From the moment the Fama fraternitatis appeared in 1614, a search arose for the origin of this highly intriguing writing. Few were those who recognized that this call drew directly from the fountain of eternal wisdom. Few recognized the multiple sources that underpinned it, and a still smaller number understood its enormous emanation and expressiveness. Students, scientists and believers alike have sought its origins in true Christianity and in Catharism, in Arabia Felix, with the Pansofists, the Renaissancists, the Humanists, with Paracelsus, and Hermes, but none of them put their finger on the right place. As was pointed out by Jan van Rijckenborg, the idea behind this pure mystery narration is universal and recurred through all times. Its origins root in the most distant past, and refer us to the first days of humanity in our earth sphere, when history began to take shape. Allegorically and symbolically, stories such as Christian Rosenkreuz's have accompanied humanity, 'as an exalted part of the eternal wisdom which God gave to Adam at his fall', as the Fama fraternitatis has it. And the figures in Tübingen, whom we now know to be Tobias Hess and his circle, have done nothing other than on 'their due day', reacting to the actual radiation values ​​of the fraternitas universalis for their time, the publication of this eternal truth in their own unique way. And so wrote J. van Rijckenborgh, now some eighty years ago, when his annotations on this text were published: 'With great joy and deep gratitude I hereby fulfil my assignment, to issue my comments on de Fama Fraternitatis R.C, before the expiry of the first half of the year 1939 . The time has come to open this veiled spiritual testament of the brotherhood of the Rosycross […].' And he added that the symbol of this holy and lofty order would soon rise, as a monument of incomparable and immaculate beauty, namely, the universal Christianity of the Rosicrucians.

Year of Publication: 2014
Number of pages: 96
Publisher: Rozekruis Pers
Language: English
E-book available: No
Available in other languages: Dutch

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