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Een nieuwe Mare van de lofwaardige Broederschap van het Rozenkruis

Auteur: Peter Huijs

From the moment the Fama Fraternitatis appeared in 1614, a quest for the origin of this highly intriguing document began. Few recognized that its appeal directly drew from the source of eternal wisdom. Fewer still identified the multiple foundations underlying it, and an even smaller number understood its enormous radiance and significance. The origin was sought in true Christianity and Catharism, in Arabia Felix, among pantheists, in the Renaissance, among humanists, with Paracelsus and Hermes, but none pointed to the right place. Jan van Rijckenborgh emphasizes that the idea behind this pure mystery story is universal and timeless. It reaches back to the distant past, to the earliest days when the history of humanity began to unfold in our earthly field. The legendary tale of a symbolic Christian Rosenkreuz has always accompanied humanity as a sublime part of the eternal wisdom that God bestowed upon Adam in his fall, as the Fama Fraternitatis states. The figures in Tübingen, now known to be Tobias Hess and his circle, did nothing more than, on the 'day appointed for them,' responding to the current radiations of the fraternitas universalis for their time, present the publication of this eternal truth in their unique, personal way. And so, J. van Rijckenborgh, seventy-five years ago, upon the release of his explanations of this text, wrote: 'With great joy and profound gratitude, I fulfill my task here, before the expiration of the first half of the year 1939, to publish my commentaries on the Fama Fraternitatis R.C. The time has come to unveil this spiritual testament of the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross [...].' He added that the symbol of this sacred and sublime order would soon rise, like a monument of incomparable and unstained beauty, namely the universal Christianity of the Rosicrucians.

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Year of Publication 2014
Number of Pages 96
Publisher Rozekruis Pers
Language English
Cover Paperback
E-book Available No
Available in Other Languages Dutch, German
ISBN 9789067324328