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Notebook - 'The Mountain of the Adepts' by Stephan Michelspacher


Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Binding: stitched
Inner pages: ruled (verso blank)
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Cover Illustration

Stephan Michelspacher, Cabala, Spiegel der Kunst und Natur: in Alchymia, 1616

This is not a game of hunting rabbits blindfolded, but a symbolical representation of the stages in the alchemical process! In the centre of the image is a hall with a king (symbolical of gold) and a queen (silver) who are about to enter into a ‘chemical wedding’. In alchemy, all polarities are resolved and opposites are united, as in a (good) marriage. This takes place in various stages, symbolized by the seven steps. The gods on either side of the mountain stand for the metals; the man with the scythe, for instance, is Saturn or lead. The two figures in the foreground are alchemists. One of them is successful: he follows nature (the rabbit disappearing into a hole). A well-known alchemical maxim is: visit the interior of the earth and you will find the Philosophers’ Stone! The other one has lost his way and will achieve nothing.


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