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Notebook - 'House of the Holy Spirit' by Daniel Mögling

Cover Illustration

Daniel Mögling, Speculum sophicum rhodo-stauroticum, 1618

This movable fortress is set in a peaceful landscape reminiscent of Flemish paintings: there’s a farmhouse in the foreground on the left, a church in the background on the right and a few travellers on their way. Most other details, however, refer to the Rosicrucian Brotherhood (the ‘Collegium Fraternitatis’ on the banderole above the roof lantern). The Brotherhood strove for a better world founded on Hermetic-Christian principles. Their ideas were not accepted by the established churches, which is why they defend their principles from this fortress on wheels, which is held by the hand of God. Letters are flying in their direction, sent by followers who would like to join the invisible brotherhood. The Brotherhood also advocated the practice of alchemy as a discipline to fathom the secrets of nature, as is obvious from the alchemical apparatus to be seen in the window on the right.

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Product Details

Size 16 x 10 cm
Binding stitched
Inner Pages ruled (verso blank)