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King Arthur in the Netherlands

Editor: Martine Meuwese
Contributors: Bart Besamusca, Jos Biemans, Frank Brandsma, Martine Meuwese, Herbert Sarfatij

The Once and Future King Arthur returned to the Netherlands in 2005 on the occasion of a conference of the International Arthurian Society. Catalogue of an exhibition which for the first time brought together all medieval manuscripts and text fragments on the subject of Arthur from Dutch collections, ranging from illuminated precious manuscripts to inconspicuous little text fragments. With over 40 items, the catalogue describes a wide range of texts, in Middle Dutch, but also in French, German, English and Latin. The exhibition did not only feature medieval manuscripts and printed editions from the 15th century on, but also fascinating objects such as 14th-century medieval footwear depicting the two lovers Tristan and Isolde in an orchard, 14th-century chivalric badges and a recipe for a love potion that was ‘tested by Walewein’. The exhibition specifically considered  the role of the mysterious Grail in the Arthurian romances. 

Keywords: Arthurian romances, Grail tradition, medieval manuscripts.

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