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Postcard - Samuel Gallico, Asis rimonim

Each of the ten sefirot or divine attributes in this kabbalistic tree of life have the ten sefirot written in the circles, which can be rotated and used in meditation.

Cover Illustration

The tree of life can be seen as a blueprint of creation. It shows the emanation of the divine attributes in the material world, but it also works the other way around: it is the path the meditating kabbalist can go to try and approach God. The tree of life can be ‘read’ on a cosmic level, but also on a human one: the seven lower sefirot not only correspond with a divine attribute but also with a part of the human body and an aspect of the human personality. It makes clear that humans are part of creation and connected with it with every fibre of their being.

Gallico’s Asis rimonim is an abridged version of Moses Cordovero’s Pardes rimonim.  Gallico’s abridgement was not printed until 1601.


Size: 105 x 148 mm.
There is a brief explanation of the image on the reverse of the card
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Samuel Gallico, Asis rimonim, manuscript, 1575

Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica Collection | Embassy of the Free Mind, Amsterdam