Feminine Leadership: Personal Development Beyond Polarities

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Karin Jironet

This revised and updated edition of Feminine Leadership: Personal Development Beyond Polarities illustrates how contemporary leaders may seek to renew the very notion of leadership through their own personal development.

In an accessible and engaging style, Karin Jironet demonstrates the process of personal transformation using Dante’s seven sins and virtues, explains the value of psychology and spirituality for leadership roles, and presents a pioneering and refreshed vision of leadership that meets present global demands for social cohesion and sustainability. This revised edition contains updates throughout and presents personal narratives that illustrate the seven virtues of leadership practice in our current socio-political context. This book addresses questions on how leadership is defined, exercised and communicated in contemporary society.

Feminine Leadership will be of great interest to all leaders and professionals who wish to familiarize themselves with personal leadership development and learn how Jungian theory has been put into practice in this field.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction;  Chapter 2: The Divine Comedy;  Chapter 3: Pride and Humility;  Chapter 4: Envy and Generosity;  Chapter 5:  Anger and Gentleness;  Chapter 6: Sloth and Zeal;  Chapter 7:  Greed, Charity and Prudence;  Chapter 8:  Gluttony and Temperance;  Chapter 9: Lust and Chastity;  Chapter 10: The Rise of Feminine Leadership;  References;  Index

Karin Jironet is a theologian and Jungian psychoanalyst working with executive leadership development. For more than twenty years, she has offered immersion retreats in the Netherlands, Italy, India and Switzerland.

Year of Publication: 2020
Number of pages: 142
Language: English
Cover: Paperback
Available in other languages: No