Magic, Alchemy and Science. Volume II

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Magia, alchimia, scienza dal ’400 al ’700| Magic, Alchemy and Science 15th-18th centuries
L’influsso di Ermete Trismegisto| The influence of Hermes Trismegistus

Editors: Carlos Gilly and Cis van Heertum
Contributors: Laura Balbiani, Paola Cadelano, Carlos Gilly, Elisabetta Lugato, Anna Laura Puliafito, Delio V. Proverbio, Antonio Rigo

In 2002 an exhibition organized by the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica and held in the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice reflected the influence of Hermes Trismegistus in Europe. The texts attributed to the legendary sage proved a source of inspiration to philosophers, physicians and alchemists.

This volume offers descriptions of the items in the exhibition, mainly from the collections of the Biblioteca Marciana and the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. At once an illustrated summary and a guide to the exhibits, the descriptions also provide information on the authors and their works, their significance for the history of Hermetism, as well as later spiritual currents who were inspired by them. This volume also contains an extra essay by  Anna Laura Puliafito on Francesco Patrizi, philosopher and translator of the Corpus Hermeticum (1591).

Keywords: Hermetic philosophy, early modern magic, alchemy, medicine, theosophy

Year of Publication: 2002
Number of pages: 335
Publisher: Centro Di, In de Pelikaan
Language: English, Italian
Cover: Hardback
E-book available: No
Available in other languages: No